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With our digital skills assessment, you receive insights into your organization's digital skill level, strengths, and areas for growth.

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A personalized learning journey & digital persona – in just 5 minutes

Our interview helps get to know you better — in just 5 minutes we know how we can help you in a personalized way. We assess different metrics such as: work-related scenarios fit to your responsibilities, your learning preferences and your skills on various tech topics. Based on your interactions with WorkplaceBuddy, we keep your profile up to date in order to offer you a tailored experience.

We know our business; total number of digital assessments done


Discover insights and trends to create an actionable strategy

Through our data-driven insights, you get a look into the digital dexterity of the organization's people, see where your organization is performing strongly, and where there is potential for growth. With this information you can: Fine tune IT and HR strategies, know if your organization is ready for new software, or decide that you want to start with increasing digital skills.

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See where you stand compared to others

Know where your organization stands compared to peers in your industry, to those similar in company size, and to those in your local area. Implement concrete insights to empower your strategy and strengthen your competitive edge based on the outcome of the digital intelligence scan.