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The WorkplaceBuddy app is available in the left side menu of Teams. It is available 24/7 to help with all your questions related to Microsoft 365! Through answers and short videos, we help you work with the Microsoft 365 apps! But there is more...

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Start with the interview!

When you open WorkplaceBuddy, you will be asked to start with an interview to get to know you and your preferences. After you do the interview, we create a personal learning journey that fits your specific needs. With the knowledge obtained in the interview, you will receive relevant learnings and campaigns. Learning suggestions will also be continuously adjusted based on your progress and interests. You get all of this and a personal profile, just from doing the interview. In your profile, you will find your preferred working persona and a scenario description on how the persona plays out.

"What is Microsoft OneDrive?" is the most asked question


What are personas and scenarios?

Completing the interview also provides your persona and matching scenario. The WorkplaceBuddy personas tell about your working style and role inside your organization. There is the consultant, the connector, the meeting master, the evangelist, the manager, and the number cruncher. Each persona has its strengths, improvement points, needs and most applicable scenario. The relating scenario summarizes your work style. The scenarios are about: communication, collaboration, meetings, knowledge sharing, organizing and data insights. For example, for the consultant, the matching scenario is communication because in this role it is important to find and connect with people from all areas of work. The personas and scenarios help to serve your needs best and get the most out of your Microsoft 365 learning experience.

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Answers to all your Microsoft 365-related questions

Now, that the information from your interview is gathered and organized, WorkplaceBuddy is ready to answer all your questions related to the Microsoft 365 apps! Simple questions such as, "What is Word?" to more advanced questions like, "How can I create a new channel within Teams?". In most cases, you will not only get the answer in words, but also see a helpful learning you can quickly watch so you know what steps to follow. These quick 2-3 minute learnings are also available in the Learnings tab in the top menu bar inside the WorkplaceBuddy app.

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Knowledge sharing

We're by your side 24/7

Our app is easily installed in the left side menu of Microsoft Teams so you can click on it at anytime. WorkplaceBuddy is there for you 24/7 and often gives more options to explore than just the answer to your question. Through menu buttons, you can click further onto related topics and learnings. For example, when you ask the question, "What is Teams?" you also have the option to click on "Teams Tips". This button will lead you to a menu where you can choose from several tips like, "Actions during a Teams meeting", "Upload and share files in Teams" or "Scheduling a new meeting from within Teams".

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Our alpaca learns

Our chatbot is continuously improving with new Microsoft updates, new question and answer pairs, and new learnings. When we see that our end users ask certain questions a lot, we create a learning for that as well! Also, when the chatbot cannot answer your question right away, the WorkplaceBuddy team will come back to you later with a response.

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Easily tailor the app to your needs

WorkplaceBuddy answers all your Microsoft 365-related questions. However, it doesn't know all specifics of your organization. Therefore, as an admin or partner, you can also add your own questions, answers, learnings, and tags. With this capability, you can create content that you want to distribute among employees. You can also implement content about any topic you choose. For example, help your employees navigate through SharePoint sites or help them with printer issues. We're happy to help you out on how to make this tailoring happen!